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Promoting Shared Governance

Many AAUP members were in support of a motion to the floor of the faculty by colleagues who proposed the formation of the ad hoc Faculty Governance Committee. After the motion’s approval in February, 2019, the AAUP chapter supported the committee’s effort to conduct a review of faculty governance at the college (and to consider alternative models).

Faculty Urges NNCU to Preserve Academic Freedom

On March 25, 2019, the Whitman College faculty approved unanimously a motion to urge the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NCCU) to preserve and retain language regarding academic freedom in its revised standards for the accreditation of institutions of higher education. The Colleges AAUP chapter and the Academic Freedom and Due Process Committee cosponsored the motion.

Discussion about Academic Freedom and Shared Governance

On April 1, in the Olin Hall Auditorium, Prof. Risa Lieberwitz, AAUP General Counsel, gave the William O. Douglas lecture “Academic Freedom & Collective Action,” an event sponsored by The Robert and Mabel Groseclose Endowed Lecture Fund and the Department of Politics. Earlier that day, Whitman College’s AAUP chapter cosponsored a discussion with Prof. Risa Lieberwitz, AAUP General Counsel, about issues of academic freedom and shared governance.