Nerves or Excitement?

Today at four this afternoon, I will be flying to Washington D.C. to begin my semester program at American University. I’m freaking out, as I assume most people who are going abroad or starting college for the first time probably are. I’m not even going to another country! But, as the title of this blog says, I am trading one Washington for another. I am trading a tiny, liberal arts college in small-town Washington state, for a dynamic, large, politically swift city. Again, I am terrified.

Regardless of how old you are, or how many new starts you have, I think we all have the same thoughts: What if my roommate doesn’t like me? What if I get lost? What if my professors think I’m stupid? And now, I get a whole new batch of problems: What if I don’t know enough about politics? What if I get lost on the metro…a lot? What if I embarrass myself in front of someone important who could give me a job later?

All of these anxieties will probably stay with me until I step foot into my new apartment, meet my professor, and see what kind of internship I’ll be struggling my way through.

So, armed with my new work appropriate Ann Taylor wardrobe, high heels, and printed out resumes, I intend to have a life as exciting as one in House of Cards or Scandal. Or at least try and get lost as little as possible.

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