Penrose Library

Penrose Library is probably one of the best places on campus as it is the epitome of don’t judge a book by its cover. Although it may appear as just a library at face value, Penrose is much more. Aside from the vast collection of textbooks, novels, and  other pieces of literature to aid in […]

First Snow

The first time I experienced snow in my life was in the third grade. And it was not true snow. It melted immediately in your hands, but magical nonetheless. Coming to Whitman, I was so excited to experience real snow, the kind that sticks. So when I saw the snow on my weather app, I […]

Sociology at Whitman

Tis the season where first-years and sophomores start deciding what they are going to major in! It is an exciting time, especially for those who came to Whitman intending to major in one department, but after taking a super cool class as a part of their distribution requirements, they completely change their mind. I had […]

Fall Highlights

Even though fall technically lasts until the 21st of December, I am writing my fall highlights blog now. As soon as Thanksgiving ends it is the Holiday Season, and I can’t think of carols and candy canes and latkes as fall specialties. It’s hard enough trying to keep Christmas tunes out of my life until […]

Festival of Lights

Being a domestic international student is an interesting experience, as it puts me in a strange middle ground between the American and South Asian cultures. However, this middle ground also requires quite a bit of compromise when it comes to celebrating certain holidays – for example, the Festival of lights, which the South Asian Student […]

Jazz Concert

This Thursday, November 21st, I went to the jazz concert in the beautiful Chism Recital Hall. The performance featured the creatively named Jazz Band 1 and Jazz Band 2 of Whitman college. While the names might be lacking in inspiration, the musicians certainly aren’t. The night was full of marvelous music, swinging solos, and disgusting […]