Walla Walla Fooderies

Whether you are looking for a stellar breakfast, a quick lunch, or an evening of fine dining Walla Walla has got you covered. With plenty of great options, good food is not hard to come by in the town so nice they named it twice. Let’s start with breakfast. Walla Walla breakfasts are unbeatable. Whether […]

Film and Media Studies at Whitman College

Dear friend,   Today I write to you to discuss the Film and Media Studies major here at Whitman College. The Film and Media Studies Department, popularly referred to as the “FMS Department”, challenges students to approach film and media as interdisciplinary areas of study. Rather than selecting predetermined narrow tracks such as Directing, Screenwriting, […]

Spring Semester at Whitman

Spring Semester has started!  After a well-deserved month vacation, students all over campus are joyfully setting their alarm clocks and gearing up for another semester filled with classes, events, and eventually some warmer weather. For many seniors, including myself, this is our last semester at Whitman college. We have experienced three Walla Walla springs, and […]

Vlog Wrap-Up!

As the Whitman fall semester wraps up this week, we thought now would be the perfect time to catch up and binge all the Whitman Admission vlogs from the past few months. So, cozy up from the wintry weather outside, grab a cup of hot chocolate, a nice warm blanket, and enjoy the vlogs below! […]

Environmental Studies at Whitman College

The Environmental Studies Department is one of the best academic departments on Whitman’s campus. As a current senior studying Environmental Studies-Sociology I am 100% unbiased in this claim. The department is incredibly unique as one of the only interdisciplinary majors where students combine Environmental Studies with another department in either the humanities, physical sciences or […]

Fall in the Wallas

Fall in Walla Walla is undoubtedly one of the highlights of going to Whitman. The weather starts to cool off, the leaves begin to change, and hoodies and flannels replace shorts and t-shirts. Even as students begin to settle into their routines and find their favorite places to study, there are plenty of things to […]