A Day in the Life of an Off-Campus Whitman Student during Quarantine

While the long, hot summer days of Walla Walla don’t hint towards the end of summer, it’s certainly creeping up. In a time where the calendar feels utterly irrelevant, knowing that school starts in less than a month is jarring – where did the summer go? Some have been spent at work, some days lost […]

Welcome Class of 2024! 

Since decision day just passed, I would like to personally congratulate and welcome the class of 2024! Given the obvious pandemic, I think it is very special that students are choosing Whitman as their school. Especially many students who were not given the opportunity to visit the campus during the spring — this is a […]

Gap Year Q&A

Hi, future Whitties! I got the chance to have an amazing conversation with junior Sarah Murphy, a Classics major, while she was abroad in Italy. Sarah took a gap year before she came to Whitman and spent time in the American Field Service Program in Finland. During this Q and A, she shares some highlights […]

Who’s on your team?

As the school year is wrapping up, I’d like to go over the people that will be essential in your arrival to Whitman. These times are uncertain and many of us may feel nervous about the upcoming semester. Especially first-generation college students, who is your support system as you begin your journey as a first-year? […]

Studying Abroad During COVID

My study abroad experience was certainly atypical, considering the COVID-19 pandemic was unfolding during the early weeks of my program, which was supposed to last three and a half months in total. The situation with the virus has been changing rapidly, and my life in Costa Rica feels unrecognizable compared to my life in quarantine […]

Department Liaisons

Coming to Whitman, you may want more than the technical description of a major. For example, you may want to hear the student’s perspective of a major. Maybe, how did other students know that their major was “the one”? Well, thankfully there is a cohort of students just for that! Department Liaisons are students nominated […]