Mentees to Campus Day

Coming into Whitman fresh off of a SCORE (a weeklong pre-orientation adventure centered on community service in Walla Walla – recently decided 2022 Whitties, be sure to check it out!), I was itching to get involved in one of Whitman’s community service programs right away. I tried my hand at several programs my first year, […]

Make The Most Of It

See that ecstatic looking, smiling blonde girl in the lower center of this photo? That’s me, a Classics Major, having a dandy time in a Geology class of all things. Ever since I declared my major, I’ve been in this mindset of all things humanities: Latin, Greek, writing, and history. I signed up for this […]

Day in the Life

Classes are important in college, but for a majority of students, our actual class time usually consists one, two, maybe three hours of the day. For prospective students who are still in high school, this may sound like a blessing. However, college life is not nearly that easy or straightforward— besides classes, our days are […]

5 tips to survive finals

It is almost the end of 2018 spring semester and students are taking finals.  Although everyone took finals before, whether in high school or in former years of colleges, finals still stress students out. Here are 5 tips I have for every single student! Support yourself and your friends with encouragement. Tell yourself “I can […]

Why Walla Walla?

A big part of my college decision came down to location. After a short trip to the west coast during my freshman year of high school, I had fallen in love with the the way the forests are dauntingly dense and simultaneously inviting. I was hooked by the endless hills, the sight of the mountains […]