The Class of 2019: The Beginning

One of the first steps in this year’s admission process has been completed, setting the stage for the remainder of the application cycle! Members of the Whitman College Office of Admission met last week to discuss the applications we received on our November 15th Early Decision deadline. We gathered in our conference room for two days straight, putting our heads together, shutting the doors, and getting down to business. After much deliberation, a great deal of excitement, some last minute phone calls, emails, and double checking, our decisions were made. On Friday of last week at 3:00 PM sharp, those decisions were mailed to a number of students, officially signalling the beginning of the Class of 2019!

With that, congratulations to our newest batch of students admitted to Whitman College! We are incredibly excited to see you on campus in the Fall, and look forward to sharing in this wonderful school and fantastic community with you.

Throughout the rest of this month and on into February, those students admitted during Early Decision 1 will be sending in enrollment deposits, beginning to fill out the total roster for the incoming class. Until housing materials and other pieces of info go out, their journey to college has come to a pause, but that’s not to say we’re done in the Office of Admission. Although we will be on a short break for the next couple of weeks (incidentally, happy holidays!), we have quite a ways to go before we wrap things up. A ton of reading, Early Decision 2 decisions going out in January, and a great deal of discussion, further reading, and crafting to go in to our Regular Decision pool, which will finally wrap up in the Spring. It’s a long road left to travel, but for right now, we’re riding high and energetic.

Curious about deadlines? Be sure to check out our website for a list of all dates and other pertinent information as you need.

So once again, congratulations to those of you admitted during Early Decision, and to those of you still working on those applications for the coming rounds, you can do it! We look forward to seeing you apply, and will be more than happy to help out however we can along the way. Not sure who to contact? Just check out our list of Admission Officers to find your area officer, who is your best friend in this process.

Until next time, happy holidays, stay warm, and best of luck on those applications, wherever you decide to apply!

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