(Early) Decision Time

Conference Room

Application season is in full swing here at Whitman College, and at schools around the country. In the stretch between the beginning of October and up through now, the tide of incoming applications has been ever increasing, with more submissions coming in each week than the last. Earlier this week, we passed our December 1st Application Fee Waiver deadline, and on November 15th we passed our first actual application deadline – the Early Decision 1 Deadline.

In my last post, I took a look at some of the details you should know about Early Decision. Since then, our officers have spent time meticulously poring over the applications we received at that deadline, making initial decisions and getting a feel for the overall application pool. With all those applications read, we’re soon going to take our next step in the decision making process. Next week, in a process we refer to as Committee (you can hear the capital C when we say it aloud), our officer staff will gather around the conference room table pictured above, settle in for some in depth deliberation, and spend two full days discussing the applications on hand. The end goal? Shaping the final pool for our Early Decision admits.

Committee is a long process, but it’s also one we as admission officers truly relish. Within the application process, this is our chance to truly come together and discuss the students who have applied to Whitman, to really partake in thought provoking discussion, and in many ways, to celebrate the wonderful students who have honored us with their applications. Multiple Committees are held throughout the year for our variety of deadlines (Early Decision 1 and 2, Regular Decision, Transfer Committee, etc.), but the Early Decision 1 Committee is the first in line, and presents particular excitement in that it provides context for the decisions in our Committees to come. Even more exciting, it also means one of the more thrilling parts of our job is just around the corner – sending out our admit packets, and welcoming the first students of the admission cycle to the class of 2020.

To students reading this who have applied to the Early Decision 1 deadline, stay posted! In the next couple of weeks those admit letters will be on their way. We can’t wait to share our decisions with you, and to each and every student who has applied or will be applying soon, we can’t wait to welcome you to our Whitman family.

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