Whitman’s Lucky Ducklings

If you happen to visit Whitman’s campus, one of the first things you will notice are the paddling mallards. These majestic birds can be seen waddling around, swimming in Lakum Duckum (an appropriately named pond on campus), crossing the streets in uniformed rows, and grazing on seed that friendly neighbors provide. More than once I have been caught saying “hello” or “excuse me” to a pair of ducks on campus. 

These ducks are year-round companions. Even this last winter while Walla Walla was covered in snow, these graceful creatures stuck around to swim, eat, and play. While pets are not allowed in campus housing, these delightful birds will replace the golden retriever you left at home and perhaps fill your heart with even more joy. For example, my sophomore year, our house had three frequent visitors to our front lawn. The tiny team of ducks snuggled up in our grass every morning and, at 9am as I headed to class, they joined my commute, waddling to gather breakfast at the creek. 

And the best part about ducks? Ducklings. These adorable fluff balls can be seen cruising in the lake, racing around the ponds, and wobbling past our academic buildings every spring. So, if you needed an extra reason to attend Spring Visitors Day or Admitted Students day this April, you now have one. Be on the lookout for some of the cutest ducklings you have ever witnessed, as these feathered friends welcome you to Whitman. 

Haven’t registered for Spring Visitor’s Day yet? It is not too late! Click here for info. You can also sign up for Admitted Student’s Day here. Whitman’s feathered friends are also happy to see visitors on campus.

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