Maya and Andrew’s Senior Bucket List!


Maya and Andrew are graduating soon! So, they created a bucket list of all the Whitman activities and traditions they want to accomplish before they leave for their next great adventure. Check out the following three episodes of their vlog to find out what their senior Whittie bucket list entails!

  1. In this first episode of the series, watch as they play frisbee and slackline on Whitman’s beloved Ankeny Field!

2. In this vlog, Maya and Andrew tackle another item on their bucket list- attending Whitman’s annual Renaissance Faire.

3.  In the final vlog of the semester, Maya and Andrew say their goodbyes by finishing one last thing on their bucket list that is perhaps the most quintessential Whitman tradition of all- eating burritos in Walla Walla’s iconic wheat fields at sunset!

Thanks for sharing your senior bucket list, Maya and Andrew! We will miss you. Best of luck with all your future endeavors! #onceawhittiealwaysawhittie

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