Your Guide to Walla Walla: Top Things to do in Town (Student Edition)


To some, Walla Walla is considered a small town, and especially for students that come to Whitman from big cities like, LA, New York, or Houston, Walla Walla may cause some culture shock. But do not fear, because although Walla Walla may seem small, you will come to enjoy this vibrant town! Here is a mini guide to just a few things students can do around town:

  1. Taq and Sunset

In the spring and fall, Walla Walla is known for its breathtaking sunsets, and is also known for its burritos from local restaurant, Taqueria Mi Pueblito. So why not put together two amazing things? Head out to the wheat fields, about a fifteen minute walk from campus, bring a friend, and enjoy a delicious Taq burrito while basking in the beautiful sunset. P.S. the wheat fields is also a great place for a photo op that is totally Instagram worthy.


  1.  Walla Walla Food Truck Night

Yup, you read that right! Starting in April and ending in October, Walla Walla hosts a food truck night every first Monday of the month, with a diverse array of food trucks to choose from. Here are a few notable ones: Crepe Cafe de Walla Walla, Tropical Treats, and Horte & Mamita Mexican Food.


  1. Farmer’s Market

Don’t miss out on fresh produce coming from local farmers and producers! Fresh sweet onions, beets, asparagus, and so much more! Vendors also sell a variety of items like essential oils, sage, and self-made artifacts! And just in case you can’t get enough of food trucks, the Farmer’s Market features food trucks from around town! And runs from May to October.


  1. Coffee Shop hopping

Downtown Walla Walla is home to notable coffee shops like Starbucks, Coffee Perk, and the Patisserie. Grab a tasty cup of coffee, pastry, or gelato and read a book, study, do some homework, or people watch. Each of Walla Walla’s coffee shops have a variety of drinks and snacks to choose from, which you will come to love a latte!


  1. Parks Galore

Need to relax away from campus? Walla Walla has many parks that are perfect for jogging around or relaxing with a book or some music. There is Pioneer Park, Jefferson Park, Memorial Park, Heritage Park, and more!


  1. The Humane Society

Just under a twenty minute walk from campus, is the local Humane Society. Stop by to pet some dogs or hangout with some cool cats! Especially when it gets closer to finals week, pet therapy is a need, and who wouldn’t want to hang out with adorable fur friends?


  1. Outdoor Pool

The Walla Walla summer heat lingers on until around the end of August to September, so beat the heat by dipping in the brand new Veterans Memorial Pool, about a ten minute walk from campus!


  1. Movie Theater

It is a known fact that college students are on tight budgets, so $5.50 Tuesdays at the local movie theater is a must go and perfect for Tuesday evening study breaks.

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