Stuck on campus for Thanksgiving break? Don’t fret!

Once break rolls around, there will always be a handful of students— like myself— who find themselves unable to go home. But just because you have to spend your break on campus doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of your week here. It might feel like a bit of a bummer to spend an entire holiday away from your family, especially if it is your first time, but you will find that there are lots of fun events going on across school grounds (especially if you are involved in some clubs)!

One main event that every student is invited to includes President Murray’s Thanksgiving Feast, held on Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:00 in the Reid Campus Center, and no reservation is required. One and a half hours of free food— even better, a free feast? Count me in!

Besides this, plenty of other events exist; for example, the FGWC (First Generation/ Working Class Club) club, which I am involved in, provides multiple activities to partake in during the break. On Tuesday, they will be showing a handful of students a movie— either Justice League or Murder on the Orient Express. Wednesday, they will be taking students bowling! Thursday involves a fun Thanksgiving dinner at the lovely GAC (Glover Alston Center), full of crafts, karaoke, and other games. Those who love to cook can even help prepare the meals. To top it all off, the fun-filled week will end with a potluck with one of the FGWC leaders. The opportunities for food and fun are endless.

Other clubs also have their own, separate events happening throughout the week— but even if you are not involved in such clubs, or have no interest participating in these activities, the week can still be spent productively. I plan on spending a good chunk of my break working at the Registrar’s Office (gotta start saving up for Christmas gifts!). Applying for scholarships and filling out my FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) are also high on my priority list— this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all your free time and use it to be as productive as you possibly can before classes starts back up.

Keep in mind that once Thanksgiving break is over, the intensity of classes will only accelerate at double the pace because at that point, finals will only be a mere two weeks away. Two weeks! How crazy is that?

The time will come sooner than you realize, so I would recommend you start studying as soon as your schedule allows. You have one advantage that other students do not have— time. So, don’t be like everybody else and cram for your exams last minute; utilize your time wisely. I know I will attempt to do so as well. Trust me, spending your break on campus may, in the long run, prove to be more of a blessing than a curse.

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