“Continue to Resist!”

As a Whitman student, you should know Power and Privilege Symposium, an all campus event in February, consisting of a compelling keynote on the night of day one and many options of workshops during the day of day two.

Our theme for the 6th annual P&P is “Resist!”. But how to interpret this term?

No matter how dire the situation may seem, no matter how steep the obstacles appear, we must speak up and act to transform the oppressive forces around us.

As a marketing director for symposium this year, I introduced DeRay Mckesson in the beginning of the keynote, but wondered how he would interpret “The Other Side of Freedom”. I thought he would just tell audiences how black people resisted through movements and how racism continue to be a problem in American society.

However, I was wrong.

It is the word “power” that matters everyone. I learned that pursuing power is the only way to succeed, not only in the problem of race, but everything. It is the power of whiteness that matters whole American society, not the power of white supremacy nor racism. It is just because of color, not any other elements. It is the power of freedom that obstacles groups, not individuals. Everyone wants freedom but not everyone wants freedom for everyone. Nothing and everything is about resist.

Resist on everything you think right. Get through the hard and reach the destination!


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