Hidden Gems in the On-Campus Employment Pool

So, as far as on-campus employment goes, there is quite the mixed bag. You’ve got your standards- working at the gym, Bon App server, lifeguard- nothing to write home about. And not to brag or anything, but I think I have a pretty good gig.

When I was looking for a job this fall, I was determined not to get stuck doing mindless work I didn’t care about (not that there isn’t value in that).  I wanted to do something interesting and actually relevant to the things I wanted to learn about. And for a while I thought I might have to settle. Prospects weren’t looking good, I was cursing myself for not renewing my lifeguard certification, when I got lucky. After inquiring in the art department, I was able to secure a position as an assistant to the Studio Technician, a cool guy named Paul.

What does one do as the assistant to the studio technician? you might ask. Well, I do all sorts of glamorous tasks including but not limited to- painting walls, patching holes in walls, drilling holes in walls, hanging art on walls, and changing light bulbs.

I know that doesn’t sound glamorous or useful, but for real, it actually is (useful). I have learned so much at my time working in the art department, and anticipate learning so much more. It’s empowering to learn these skills that I wouldn’t otherwise have known, like how to correctly patch a wall, or how to use a table saw, or how to safely dispose of spray paint cans. Things that if, or when, I enter into the art world, I’ll be glad I know, and that I don’t have to hire someone else to do for me.

And today I learned how to weld! How cool is that? And the fact that I’m getting paid for it all is just a bonus.

I feel like I’m in Good Will Hunting- artist by day and Assistant Studio Tech by day.

So, anyway, though there is nothing wrong with the classic (perhaps boring) on-campus employment, give it a go- look for something you can enjoy doing and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it 🙂


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