Falling For Palouse Falls

Need a study break? Looking for a view other than the bookshelves in Penrose library? Grab some friends and head up to Palouse Falls, one of the most beautiful remnants of a glacial flood in the world–or, at least, in the state of Washington. Palouse Falls State Park is only a 45 minute drive north of campus and is a fabulous destination for those seeking not only a glimpse of natural beauty, but also a heck of a good workout. My section mates and I rolled out here for a 3 hour hike last weekend and got to see a perfectly full rainbow, roaring waterfalls, and a gorgeous sunset at the conclusion of our hike. Here are some photos I snapped along the way to get you falling for the falls!

(Below) The iconic, head-on view of the falls, visible right at the beginning of the hike.


(Below) A closer look at the water break.

(Below) The trail was slim but easily manageable.

(Below) The view of the semi-circular formation about the falls.

(Below) Looking up at these wildly formed rock walls was humbling.

(Below) Man meets nature.

(Below) The sun nicely rested on this obscure slice of rock.

(Below) A windy photo featuring me, in awe.

(Below) Matthew perches like a bird to get the best view.

Hikes always allow time to mess around.

A viewing spot for those who prefer to stand back and observe.

My friend Jakob and I took a celebratory concluding hike selfie.

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