Bikes bikes bikes!

As a former club swimmer, the most “off-season” I’d ever had was 2 weeks in the spring and 2 in the summer. But now, being a college athlete, and having finished our swim season (with a NWC Conference W for the swimmin’ women #rollblues) my first official off-season is in full swing!

Before coming to Whitman, I debated joining the cycling team, because with a background in mountain biking and a triathlete dad, I was curious about road cycling and wanted to explore. And after very little convincing from a swim teammate and experienced cyclist, I decided to just jump right in! I needed something to do with all my newfound time, and figured I’d try an entirely new sport! I figured it could at least help me stay in reasonable condition and not lose all the strength and fitness I’d gained the entire rest of the year haha.

And I’m so glad I threw caution to the wind and made a rash decision with no consideration.

I’ve missed bein’ on a bike.

I basically knew nothing about racing bikes (and other stuff), and am for sure still learning, but my first couple weeks with the cycling team have been quite enlightening. I have already learned so much about what races look like, strategy, bike handling- you name it.  And cycling is a club sport- so it’s completely student run, which is really cool. There’s no pressure from coaches or administration, no crazy commitments, and everyone’s just there to ride bikes and have fun and teach each other cool stuff. Which is for sure happening- the riding bikes and the having fun. I’d say it’s going swimmingly. I have so enjoyed cruising through the wheat fields on a beautiful sunny afternoon with some cool people, green hills straight from the Microsoft ™ desktop background on all sides- and I’m lookin’ forward to more 😉  

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