Housing at Whitman

Finding a good housing situation is important when you decide to attend a college. After all, school is your new home away from home, and a dorm, apartment, or house that fits your routine goes a long way towards academic success.

Whitman offers lots of options for student housing. Students here live on campus for their first two years and can choose to move off when they reach junior status. Freshmen live in one of five different residence halls, each of which is described below:

Jewett Hall: The biggest first year residency is Jewett Hall. Jewett has a fantastic location, right on the corner of Ankney Field across from the library, and right next to Olin Hall where students will likely take at least one or two classes. Jewett is a lively space, with lots of people always coming and going throughout the day. For those who thrive in energetic social situations, Jewett is the place to be. The rooms in Jewett are large, shared spaces that house two students each. This sort of space is the archetypical college residency. Each individual occupant has their own desk, set of drawers, closet, and bed that can be folded back into a couch. Jewett has a free laundry facility and a game room in the basement. It also has a large dining hall.

Anderson Hall: Anderson is a large hall located right behind Prentiss Hall and next to the Hall of Music at the south edge of campus. Anderson offers similar rooms to Jewett, with two inhabitants sharing one open space. Each has their own bed, closet, desk, and drawers. Furniture can be moved around in Anderson, and beds can even be bunked if so-desired. The basement in Anderson has a TV room and ping pong tables, as well as private study rooms where students can get some peace and quiet. Anderson does not have a dining hall, so most students eat their meals next-door at Prentiss. Though it’s not far out of the way, Anderson is a more quiet, laid-back space than some of the other halls, and a great option for students looking for a peaceful place that still has great access to campus facilities.

Lyman House: Lyman is a mixed-class hall and is relatively small compared to Jewett or Anderson. Located on the East side of Ankney Field, across from the library, Lyman has a relaxed, intimate feel, and students there tend to be on close terms with one another. Lyman offers two-room suites, where one large space equivalent to the rooms in Anderson or Jewett, is split into two smaller compartments by a door and a wall. In this way, each occupant gets their own space to decorate and arrange as they please, even if it doesn’t feel as expansive as the rooms in Jewett or Anderson.  I live in Lyman, and I personally love having my own small space to do whatever I want with. Lyman also has a basement TV room, with ping-pong, pool, and foosball tables. Lyman also has its own laundry room, and a small dining hall, where students can eat lunch and dinner during the week.

Prentiss Hall: Prentiss is an all-female dorm on the south side of campus next to Boyer Avenue. Prentiss houses first-year girls and returning Sophomores as well. Part of Prentiss is reserved for the members of the four sororities on campus. Rooms in Prentiss are arranged similarly to Lyman, where a large space is divided into two small rooms. Prentiss has many study rooms, and a large dining hall open seven days a week. Most students make their way over there at some point, as the Prentiss dining hall is the only one open for part of the weekend.

Different living spaces at Whitman offer a great variety of first-year experiences. Whether you’re looking for a fast-paced, lively environment, or a chill place to get 8 hours of sleep and finish homework early, one of the freshman halls on campus can be a great fit.

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