Whitman College: One of the most BEAUTIFUL Colleges in America

“Carnival” was created in 1997 by Jim dine. This picture is a comparison of the same Carnival in Winter and Spring. New coming students should remember this statue since all of you will learn “Carnival” in your Encounters’ course!  

This is a photo of Ankeny Field. Students enjoy sunshine and play sports during their leisure time here. By the way, the building you see is Lyman Hall, a dormitory two minutes away from Maxey hall and Olin Hall.

“Styx” was created in 2002 by Deborah Butterfield, and the building with glass window is our 24/7 Penrose library (one of my favorite place on campus). To be honest, I’ve visit some colleges and universities but none of them are prettier than library in Whitman.

This is Whitman outdoor tennis court. Students always hang posters on the side of tennis court since almost everyone pass here every day.

Here is the Memorial Building. It is a workplace for president as well as administrative officers. If you have questions or problems with housing, academic or finance, officers here are always helpful.

The red house is Hunter Conservatory. It houses Kimball Auditorium as well as offices and classrooms for Film and Media Studies students and professors.

[Front of Cordiner hall] Big events like graduation and keynote for Power and Privilege Symposium is held here.

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