Whitman Counseling Center

While experiencing stress at college is a normal and fairly universal experience, sometimes students need help from professionals when challenges become too overwhelming to handle on their own. At Whitman, we are fortunate to have a wonderful counseling center that has tons of resources for students undergoing difficult times. Whether its a busy schedule, demanding classes or a personal psychological issue, the staff at the Whitman Counseling Center (WCC) can help students handle problems that may be negatively affecting their time at school.

I first visited the counseling center during my first semester sophomore year, and I have continued going ever since. The counseling center has provided me with a safe and confidential space to be introspective and its homey atmosphere and kind staff has been consistently comforting during my time at Whitman. While therapy centers at other institutions may come with negative stigma, my experience with the WCC has lacked any sentiments of shame or embarrassment. I have felt an apparent and genuine tone of support at the counseling center not only from its staff but from the other students who visit.

When I asked my own counselor, Tricia Schulte, what she thought students should know about the WCC she emphasized the availability and multitude of resources offered to students: Demand for counseling services is high at Whitman, as at other schools. We try to accommodate all student needs by using a short term therapeutic model, and to allow for flexibility within this framework because no two individuals have the same needs. We do not use a wait-list, so everyone is seen fairly quickly. We also offer group therapy, which evidence indicates is often more effective in improving social and relational struggles.

If you are interested in talking to a counselor, the intake process is quite simple and painless. The first step would be to stop by the counseling center during drop-in hours (posted on Whitmans website) to fill out a quick questionnaire. You will then meet for with a counselor for a 20 minute intake appointment later that day. At this point you can schedule follow up sessions with that counselor, or a different one, or return at any point during the academic year if you dont want to follow up at that specific time!

College can be a time of incredible growth for students, both intellectually and personally. While this journey undoubtedly comes with unbelievable experiences, it also frequently includes new and great challenges as well. The Whitman Counseling Center is a resource for anyone seeking help with troubles that arise during their time at Whitman and students should not hesitate to utilize this resource if needed.


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