5 tips to survive finals

It is almost the end of 2018 spring semester and students are taking finals.  Although everyone took finals before, whether in high school or in former years of colleges, finals still stress students out. Here are 5 tips I have for every single student!

  1. Support yourself and your friends with encouragement. Tell yourself “I can get my work done” and tell your friends “you can get your work done”.
  2. Buy yourself a cup of coffee (maybe two, but no more than three per day!) Coffee could refresh oneself and invigorate the brain. However, you might be obsessed with coffee and feel uncomfortable with too much caffeine.
  3. Take some study breaks:
    • Chat with your friends about summer plans and eat some sweet snacks.
    • Take a short walk downtown and buy yourself an ice cream (It is summer!)
    • Play with animals: Blue Mountain Humane Society is not far from campus. The cutest animals stay there. Since animals are the best cure for stressed people, it is helpful for students to play with them.
    • Play sports or workout: Beside studying, students should take care of their health.
  4. Study in cheerful places. If you feel fidgety studying in the library, find other relaxing places to study.
    • Ankeny field: It is sunny and warm recently. You could lay on the Ankeny field or sit on benches to get your work done in a good mood.
    • Colville Street Patisserie and Olive Market Place & Cafe: Whitman students love those peaceful environments downtown so they can study with less stress. Dessert and drinks in these two places are awesome!
  5. Sleep well. Staying up too late is harmful for one’s health. Also, studying in the morning is better since memorization is best in the morning. If you feel uncomfortable physically or psychologically, go find doctors or nurses in health center for help.


Finally, I hope everyone will get good grades and enjoy summer break with joy!


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