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Classes are important in college, but for a majority of students, our actual class time usually consists one, two, maybe three hours of the day. For prospective students who are still in high school, this may sound like a blessing. However, college life is not nearly that easy or straightforward— besides classes, our days are filled up with going to work or finishing assignments (which is always plentiful), with some socializing squeezed in between. As a first-year, a majority of my classes fall on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but that doesn’t mean my Tuesday and Thursdays aren’t just as busy. If you’re curious as to what a typical week looks like in college, you’ve come to the right place.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

9 AM: My first class of the day doesn’t start until 10, so I have plenty of time to sleep in, make cereal, or go to the dining hall to grab some food with extra moments to spare for last minute homework.

10 AM: I usually head out for class around 9:55 and make it before 10— perks of living in Jewett Hall, which is only a couple minutes away from all of my classes. I have two classes back to back, which is a common occurrence for many first years. The first one is a pure lecture-style math class, where students take down notes from the board. This may sound boring, but I find it a refreshing respite from all of the other heavily discussion-based classes I attend the rest of the week like my 11 AM class, Encounters, which every first-year student is required to take.

12 AM: Lunch is a great hour to take some time to yourself. I usually spend mine watching Netflix in my dorm, sitting with friends, or finishing up some homework for my next class. In early fall and mid-spring, as the weather begins to warm, many students like to sit on Ankeny Field to do their homework or soak up the sun, which we don’t see a lot of during the wintry days. It’s a perfect time to get some fresh air and relax.

1 PM: This is my last class of the day and because it is a foreign language class, it lasts 30 minutes longer than the other 50-minute blocks. However, it’s such a fun environment that the time just flies.

2:30 PM: On Mondays, because I don’t have work after class, the rest of my day is open for other activities. I usually spend this extra time going to the gym and doing my laundry. It also gives me time to meet up with friends and gives me plenty of time to complete my homework.

6 PM: Dinner at Jewett opens at this time, although depending on the side of campus you live on, you can have dinner thirty minutes sooner at the Prentiss Dining Hall. I like to take my dinner up to my room and relax.


11 AM: Because I have no morning classes this day, I take my time getting ready. At 11, I go to a nearby elementary school to mentor a 3rd grade student during recess, something I signed up for during the Activities Fair during orientation. It’s a good way to get off campus and learn a little about a different side of Walla Walla.

12 AM: By noon I am back from mentoring and go to grab some lunch. As usual, I may be spending this time getting work done or eat with friends.

1 AM: My only class of the day begins here and is another one-and-a-half-hour block, although it is only two days out of the week. It is my favorite class, so I don’t mind the lengthiness.

2:30 PM: When class is over, I go to my work in the Memorial Building for the next two hours, until closing time at 4:30. Working in little couple hour periods is a good way not to get bored of my work, and the people around me are so friendly that I am always happy to go. Afterwards, I like to go to the Reid Campus Center, sometimes buy myself a coffee, and sit at the couches by the fire to do some homework and check emails (which you will receive plenty of).

6 PM: Dinner again! And as all of my homework is due for my Wednesday class, it is important I focus and get it all done. This is when I am busiest and must utilize my time efficiently.


9 AM: This is the earliest class I have of the week, which is an hour-long lab for my math class.

10 AM: After class, I go to work for two hours until noon, when I leave for lunch and my later 1 PM class. At this time, there is another student worker near me, so I have some company as I work.

2:30 PM: I go to work for the second time that day for another two hours.

4:30 PM: After work, I will go either to Reid, the library, or my room to do homework or watch shows.

6 PM: Dinner!


Relax! I finally get the chance to meet with friends more regularly, head downtown, take naps, and call my friends back home to catch up. A perfect couple of days to take a breather, take time on homework, and prepare for the upcoming week ahead.

This may give you a taste of what your college routine may look like, but clearly it varies by person to person, and the details of the day – meetings with professors, time spent with friends, time taken to study for exams, etc.— aren’t always the same. In short, don’t forget to remember that college has its ways of keeping you constantly busy!


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