5 Ways to Stay Productive Over the Summer

While summer is a great time to relax from school and take a break from studies, it can also be very difficult to be productive during the summer months. These are some ways in which you can make the most of your time so that you are prepared for when school starts in the fall.


Stay Connected

This is especially important for first years. Make sure you read any and all emails sent from the college, and keep a look out for any mail the college might send you. Keep track of any due dates, and designate a place where you can keep any important documents. Make a plan to fulfill any things that need to be done to be ready for arriving on campus this fall. It can be stressful to scramble and try to get things done, so avoid stress and don’t procrastinate.


Discuss your financial plans with your family

Do you know how you are going to finance your education for the following school year? It is a great idea to discuss this with your family, or whoever is involved with helping you finance your education. Even if you think you know what you are doing, it can be very helpful to keep other people in the loop, as well advise you. If you do not know what something means or have a question about your award letter, it can be very helpful to contact the Financial Aid Office and get help from them. In addition, continue to apply to scholarships! There are still scholarships available during the summer months and there are plenty of websites out there with scholarship listings that will help you with your search.


Apply for a Job

This can be a great way to stay productive and motivated, as well as earn some cash for tuition, books, and any other fees you might need to pay for. Look online for job listings. Ask friends and family for any jobs that they know of to spread out your search. Even if it’s a small part-time job, this can be a great way to make some money, as well as keep you from spending your entire summer watching Netflix!


Update Your Resume

Is your resume up-to-date? Have you perhaps not created one yet? The summertime is a great time to work on this, as you will probably have much more free time than during the school year. The Student Engagement Center on the Whitman website has a page with both resume and cover letter samples, which are a great way to get started on this and be in great shape to apply for any jobs you might want to apply to once school starts in the fall.


And lastly…


Do Your Summer Reading!

Each summer, Whitman chooses a book that all students are required to read over the summer. Loathe as you might be to crack open a book outside of classes, in addition to all your other activities, find a time to sit down and read the book that Whitman assigns for the summer and enjoy!


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