Your Quick Guide to the Best Study Spots

Have a midterm coming up and need to cram in hours of study? Or have a fifteen-page report due in a few hours? A study spot is important to your success. Whether it’s on or off campus, there are many study nooks that have the study essentials like coffee, a bite to eat, and a comfy environment to help you focus and relax. I always find it fun to explore different study spots around Whitman and the Walla Walla community and test different coffees, sweets, and study vibes. Here’s a quick guide to just a few of my favorites!


Lakum Duckum:

Lakum Duckum is perfect for those warm, sunny days when you want to enjoy the weather while also get some work done! If you’re in search of a serene, calm, environment, Lakum Duckum is perfect. Your time will be spent listening to the ducks with the sounds of rushing water and singing birds. For those ‘nature-lovers’ this is the best spot to get some fresh air and get away from the campus rush and take time to do some reflecting and studying.


Reid Campus Center:

Reid is full of comfy couches and booths where you can grab a coffee and sit down with a book! But don’t forget your headphones because the lunch rush gets pretty rowdy! If you want to get away from the rush of people, you can head down to the Reid Coffeehouse and snuggle next to the fireplace on a cold, winter day and take a cat nap…or write an essay.


Colville Patisserie:

Need a break from campus? Take a short walk to the Patisserie, grab a french-inspired dessert and enjoy the quaint and artsy setting. As many Whitties call it, the “Patiss” has a variety of coffees, chais, teas, and other yummy beverages to choose from to go along with your macaron or crème brûlée.


Olive Market Place & Cafe

Another great off campus spot is Olive! Snag a comfy couch upstairs and order a delicious coffee cake. Olive has a cozy vibe that helps me with focusing on dense readings and writing long essays. If you happen to go around breakfast, lunch, or dinner time, they have a great food menu with tasty, original pizzas, salads, and sandwiches!


These study spots are just a few of the many places on or off campus to get homework done! And one of the best parts about being a Whittie is getting to explore this vibrant and tight-knit community.


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