Hello hello from the IHC !

The IHC, or Interest House Community, is a little niche at Whitman that often goes overlooked and underestimated. An on-campus housing option for sophomores and above, the IHC is comprised of eleven beautiful, quirky houses scattered from Boyer Ave to Alder St. The most visible, and therefore most popular, of which are the Fine Arts house, Le Maison Francais, La Casa Hispana, and the Outhouse – all along boyer near the admissions office. These may be the face of the IHC, but there are many more interest houses that are just as wonderful, yet unknown, mostly because they’re scattered about and know one knows where they are. But once you find em, you’ll be privy to all the charm they have to offer.

In the shadow of the new sophomore residence hall being built, the IHC is seeing a decline in applicants, and notoriety in general. But it really is a great option for housing sophomore year. It has been so wonderful to live in a spacious, beautiful, home full of character this year with four other folks I’d never have met otherwise. The Writing House has brought me a new and tight-knit community on campus, more intimate, and decidedly quieter, than any section in Stanton.

Being a resident of the IHC also comes with the platform to host events and make what you want to see on campus happen. With funding from the college, you have a unique opportunity to put on programs that can (almost literally) be anything you want. It is a great way to get involved, and get others together, around something you care about. We bought a three foot tall t-rex pinata on the college’s dime, and have never been happier 🙂

So I encourage you to scout out the interest houses, stop by, have a chat or some tea, and if you like what you see, apply to the IHC !

Below is a comprehensive list of all the interest houses, along with their colloquial names, so you can be on the in from the onset 😉

The FAH – fine arts house

La Casa – the spanish house

La Maison – the french house

The Outhouse – environmental house

GloHo – global awareness house

Das Deutsche Haus – the german house

ASH – asian studies house

Tek – Tekisuijuku – the japanese house

MECCA – multi-ethnic center for cultural affairs

The Coop – community service house

WriHo – the writing house (my home!)


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