To The Blue Moon and Back

It’s only once in a blue moon that you get to see what kind of art your college professors create in their free time when they aren’t grading your essays. Have you ever wondered what your Biology professor’s poetry is like? How good your Psych professor’s photography skills are? Well, Whitman doesn’t cause you the pain of being reduced to wonderment; we have an annually updated collection of art called “blue moon” that displays those talents—often hidden—of students and faculty.

“blue moon”—yes, artistically uncapitalized—is an art and literary magazine staffed entirely by Whitman students. The magazine contains a variety of different art forms, including prose, paintings, drawings, photography, poetry, music, and film. These contributions of art are done exclusively by students, faculty, and staff. This Whitman exclusivity of blue moon does two things: it allows members of the Whitman community to experience the art of those around them, and also allows members outside the Whitman community to get a taste of the minds and personalities of those inside it. Whitman is proud to have the opportunity to showcase the work of its community, and humbly accepted the Gold Medal and College Magazine Silver Crown from The Columbia Scholastic Press Association in 2012.

Until February 6th, I and the rest of the blue moon staff will be collecting submissions for this year’s volume (no. 32)! To grab the campus’ attention to the submission stage as it rolls around every year, our blue moon staff puts up a giant cellophane crescent moon along Penrose Library’s windows. The attached photo shows the final product of this year’s moon: our first piece of art to kick off volume 32. We are so excited to continue this tradition, and we love, to the moon and back, that talent can be shared across our campus this way.


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