Hot Lava Monster

There are all sorts of wonderful programs headed by Whitman students that give us all the opportunity to get out of our Whitman bubble and engage with the community. This year, I’ve had the privilege of getting involved with the Mentor Program- where Whitman students get paired with kiddos from local elementary schools that just need an extra friend 🙂 This has been so much fun and so rewarding – more than I ever could’ve expected.

Every Monday afternoon, I go eat lunch with my new lil’ friend and we play four square and kickball and hot lava monster at recess- runnin around all wild and silly.

Not only is it such a welcome break from school and the stress that can build up, it is such a mutually beneficial experience. These kids have a way of putting everything in perspective, reminding you not to take yourself so seriously, to appreciate joy when you find it, to let go a little bit. And it has been incredible the see relationships develop, to hear about their days, to see their little faces light up when they see you waiting at the bottom of the stairs as they all file down to lunch.

It’s brought me joy and hope to know that I, anyone really, can make such a big difference in someone’s life by simply being there and being willing to learn from each other, and chat, and a game or two of hot lava monster is all part of the process 😉


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