When Things Get Rough

College is a time of new experiences. Sometimes these experiences can be positive and enjoyable; other times, we encounter new difficulties and challenges we must overcome. In one way or another, it is highly likely that at some time during college you will run into some kind of issue or conflict that will make being successful difficult for you. During these times, it can be tremendously helpful to ask for help and seek the support you need to thrive. The following are some resources that can be tremendously helpful for times of crisis.

Communicating with your professors:

Your professors are there to help you during your time at Whitman and really want you to succeed. If you are having any sort of difficulties in your classes, whether it be with course material or any outside conflicts that are a barrier to you being successful, it always a good idea to communicate with your professors to let them know what is going on. If you are having trouble with an assignment or are struggling in the class, your professors can help clear up questions and help you with the material you are struggling with. Professors have scheduled office hours which are specifically meant for students to come and use them, so don’t be afraid of use this resource. If you cannot meet during a professor’s office hours, many professors are willing to schedule a time to meet outside of office hours. For me, at least, this has been one of the most useful resources for helping me succeed in my classes.

The Academic Resource Center:

The Academic Resource Center, or the ARC, is a great resource for students. The ARC offers one-on-one tutoring through student tutors who are trained by the ARC and who can assist in a variety of subjects. They can meet with their tutees throughout the semester, assisting them with course material. The ARC also offers accommodations for students with disabilities, such as extended time for timed assignments, or allowing students to take tests in a quiet environment. Students must first submit documentation to the ARC and then schedule a meeting to figure out what accomodations best addresses their situation. More information can be found on the Whitman College Academic Resource Center webpage.

The Counseling Center:

College can be a time of great stress and change, and it can be helpful to seek help outside of academic guidance. Whitman’s Counseling Center offers a variety of services, such as individual and group therapy, referral services and crisis response. Before meeting with a counselor for group of individual sessions, students must first complete “intake” by coming to the Center during their open hours, completing an information sheet and visiting with an intake counselor. For more information, visit the Whitman College Counseling Center webpage.


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