Winter in Walla Walla

This morning has been wonderful, mostly because it’s the first time we’ve seen the sun in what feels like ages- aside from taunting glances here and there. Walla Walla has been not dissimilar from the arctic tundra lately, and we’re only now starting to see signs of a thaw coming- 38 and rain tomorrow ?! Amen. And I hope I didn’t speak too soon- chances are tomorrow we’ll get three more inches just because I said that!

Anyway, this winter’s been a bit of a rough one- and unusual- lots of snow and ice, all right before spring is supposed to happen. A little tricky for morale, as well as transportation- pretty slippy on the shoes!

But we’ve had fun with it too! Snowmen popping up around campus, icicles and ‘danger: falling ice’ signs on all the academic buildings, fun big coats ! And the dogs playing in the snow- definitely a highlight.

It’s also been a great time to cozy up with some tea (highly recommend Good Earth Sweet and Spicy) and your sociology reading and some good friends- the cold outside makes the warmth feel all the better 🙂

Winter has not been letting go easily, but it just makes me more excited to see the signs of spring, and I can’t wait for Ankeny to be green and for the flowers to start popping up- I’m sure as soon as that happens there’ll be a campus-wide high, much like the one that came with the snow, but has now run out… get ready for spring everyone- it’s gonna feel good!


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