A List of Mini Adventures – Whitman and Beyond

If you’re ever in need of a lil’ study break, got a free afternoon, and wanna explore, consider these options :


Goodwill- this one’s got lots of fun stuff- go searching for gems for a cheap thrill !

Pioneer Park– wild birds. Check em out.

Cleveland Kombucha– test your ginger tolerance.

The Archives – did you know whitman has cool old stuff in the basement of the library ?

Sheehan Gallery– there’s always fun stuff in there !

Maxey Museum– (see above entry)

Patiss– did you know they have gelato !?

Jewett Cafe– sells bean dip and cookie dough- what more could you want ?

Tekisuijuku– (behind Lyman) just admire the ladders

Ping Pong in Reid – underrated.

Lower Waitsburg Road– crawling with dogs.

The Science Building– basically a labyrinth crawling with critters- dead and alive !

Did you know we have a sauna?– (in Sherwood)

Coconut Yogurt– an non-dairy experience.

The Bookstore– I’ve heard they sell great earrings…(as well as books)

Hunter Conservatory– a wealth of computers


Just a sampling of the variety of happenings at Whitman and beyond- keep your eyes peeled for exploration opportunities- you never know where they may pop up !!


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