Can’t Weight To Work Out!

Want to stay fit but don’t know the first thing about sports? Well, welcome to my world. Coming to Whitman, I was well aware that the only sport I come close to playing is Billiards, which I knew was not going to be enough cardio to keep me active and healthy. I crossed my fingers that Whitman’s gym would provide all the resources I was looking for in a perfect outlet for keeping fit; to my delight, my finger crossing proved effective! The Baker Ferguson Fitness Center (BFFC) has everything I was looking for and more. Here are a few awesome things about the BFFC:

    1. Endless machines: I have not once had to wait for an open treadmill or elliptical. The space has enough machines to keep everyone busy at all times, because college students just aren’t busy enough already.
    2. Great hours: I never feel restrained by the the BFFC’s hours (M-Th 7-10, F 7-7, Sat 10-1 & 4-7, Sun 10-1 & 4-10) because the center’s availability allows me to choose whether I go in the morning before an 8am or right before bed at 9pm. I can fit the gym into my schedule with no excuses!


  • Privacy options: The BFFC has an upstairs section that is wonderful for those days where you want to work out in a more secluded space with fewer interruptions. The private ab room upstairs is a great place for enjoying the company of either yourself or your friend(s) as you do yoga or ab exercises.
  • Boppin’ music: Forgot my headphones? No problem. The staff at the BFFC is always on top of putting on the best jams to keep everyone energized and motivated.
  • Friendly staff: My favorite part of entering and leaving the gym is saying hello to the students who work behind the front desk; they’re always super friendly and excited to see their fellow Whitties staying active!


The gym is a great resource for Whitties to keep a regular schedule for staying active without necessarily having to go hardcore at a sport for several hours per day. That being said, many hours can also be spent at the gym depending on your goals; Whitman offers a weight training SSRA at the gym, which is a class offered for credit in which students can learn the proper way to lift and helpful techniques for building muscle. You get out what you put into it, which makes the gym a wonderful resource for customizing the amount of time you dedicate to physical health. Let’s workout; I can’t weight!


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