Why visit college campuses? – most memorable experience

I don’t need to visit colleges to make my decision right? Wrong! 

You are going to be spending the next four years of your life sleeping, studying, eating, and building lifelong friends at that place. And you don’t want to visit it ahead of time to make sure you like it?! 

I know I won’t like it so why visit right? Wrong!

I was convinced that I was going to hate it here at Whitman. My uncle went here and I thought, “Oh, we’re not the same, so why would I even bother.” I was convinced for many reasons that Whitman did not have what I wanted. Well, turns out I was wrong. I ended up visiting campus and within five minutes of my campus tour I absolutely loved this place. It has everything I could have wanted and more. If I had not visited Whitman I never would have known how beautiful campus really is, or how friendly and community oriented the atmosphere here is. I sat in on classes at other schools and figured a 100 person class size would be fine for me, but boy was I wrong. Once I sat in on a class at Whitman that had 15 people (which is average here), I realized how much of a better learning environment that would be for me. I learned that without graduate students on campus, there are so many opportunities to do research and receive help from my actual professors (not TAs), because they truly want us to succeed. On my visit to Whitman, I learned all about my options to study abroad, financial aid, and other resources from a student’s perspective instead of reading it through the website or an email.

Clearly my most memorable college visit is my visit to Whitman, however I would always suggest visiting a college campus before making your college decision. This will allow you to make sure that your decision is right for you and that the next four years of your life will be lived to the fullest. 

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