Welcome Whitties!

For those of you who wish Whitman would last longer than 4 short years, you’re in luck. Whitman’s annual Reunion Weekend gives Whitman graduates an opportunity to come back to campus and pretend to be a student all over again. Alumni get to do all the activities they used to do on campus: attend classes, hang out with classmates, tour the Greek houses, dine with professors, and party! 

One of my favorite Whitman alumni happens to be one of my favorite people in the world: my dad. Here at Whitman, my dad was a mathematics and physics double major, a diver, a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, and a pool shark. Of those activities, pool is the one he and I have in common; so, naturally, we spent an afternoon playing on the Beta Theta Pi table. And, after I brought my dad along to my Ancient Greek class, we spent the evening at Reid attending the “Whitties Helping Whitties” event. This event, which consists of alumni giving career advice to current Whitties, is one of the most valuable events Whitman has to offer. It’s a wonderful way for students to get the inside scoop on what steps are necessary in order to transition from a Whitman graduate to a successful job holder. Thus, for me and my dad, this event was twofold: while my dad was giving career advice to my friends, I was getting career advice from his friends. We love Whitties helping Whitties!

I was pleasantly surprised to meet even more of my dad’s friends in the Kappa Alpha Theta chapter room where I held a Theta alumnae reception for our alumnae to reminisce and meet the current Thetas. The Theta alumnae kept seeing “Murphy” on my nametag and immediately asked, “are you Jay’s daughter?” to which I replied an enthusiastic “yes!” However, looking back, I feel I missed a real opportunity by not replying with “yes, so please tell me all your embarrassing stories about him!” Maybe next time.

Our alumni do so much to support the school they attended and love, so it’s wonderful to be able to give back some of that support during their visits to Walla Walla. While alumni may not have a long list of reasons to visit Walla Walla, we sure can count on Whitman being at the top.

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