Quarterlife is the greatest organization on campus, though I may be biased because I am on the of the Editors in Chief. Quarterlife is a pocket-sized literary and art zine that features student art and creative writing of all types and follows a theme to be published four times a year. Quarterlife tries to pick themes that lend themselves to a diverse array of submissions while still being on theme; our current theme is “bugged.” The deadline for submissions was September 28, so our Public Relations team are in full swing advertising for the magazine. Styx, the wooden-looking horse statue in the middle of Ankeny field, is wearing butterfly wings and a headset, and there are hundreds of plastic crawly critters scattered around campus, and fake computer virus signs posted on the monitors in academic buildings. After the team selects what pieces to go in the magazine, the art staff creates accompanying drawings for some pieces, and then I will edit it all together. The magazine comes out usually in about a month, but by then we have already picked the theme for the next issue, and then the cycle starts again!  Despite being the smallest and least well-known student-run publication, our funky little lit mag has a lot of spirit and fosters a level of creativity not seen in other places. If I haven’t convinced you about the merits of Quarterlife yet, you can take a peek inside of old copies in our rack in Reid!


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