The Best Hot Chocolate at Whitman

There is nothing quite as satisfying or elusive as the perfect cup of hot cocoa. At least, as satisfying for a chocoholic like myself. Some are content to buy a hot cup of Starbucks hot chocolate or some gas station dispenser chocolate, but I strive for perfection in my cocoa. It was once the drink of emperors and it should be treated with the respect it deserves! So in the spirit of honoring the drink and of informing all of you past, present, or future Whitties I took it upon myself to discover the best hot chocolate from the three cafes at Whitman. To determine which hot chocolate was the best I judged the three different brews by creaminess, chocolaty-ness, and sweetness on scales of 1-10. To gauge the scales I thought 1 creaminess would be water, 10 milk; 1 chocolaty-ness would be white chocolate, a 5 Hershey’s, 10 dark chocolate; 1 sweetness would be raw onions, a 5 blackberry jam, 10 would be cotton candy with Fruity Pebbles on top.  My ideal hot chocolate would be 8 creaminess, 10 chocolaty-ness, and 5 sweetness. To ensure that I was not favoring one hot chocolate over another I tried to make sure all cups were the same temperature by getting Reid and Cleveland hot cocoas in thermoses before going to Jewett and getting that hot cocoa in a mug. Each cocoa was 12.oz to ensure concentrations of chocolate would not be skewed by levels of milk between drinks, and because Reid does not offer 8 oz. drinks. I did not order whip cream to not skew the sweetness scale or flavor profile. Then I sat down, got a cup of lemon water as a palate cleanser, and poured the other cocoas into mugs. I tried each cocoa multiple times, drinking lemon water afterwards, then compared the drinks with each other. After much tasting, walking all over campus, and spending a total of $9.24, I have come to the following conclusion: Jewett Café has the best tasting hot cocoa on campus. But I will go to Cleveland for most of my hot cocoas. Here are my notes on the three hot cocoas at Whitman.



Creaminess: 4

Chocolaty-ness: 8

Sweetness: 5

Notes: This cocoa was too hot to drink at first. Despite my best efforts this led to the cocoas kept in the thermoses being colder than the Jewett one, but since the other cocoas were still warm this didn’t really affect the tasting experience. The cup did have quite a lot of foam on top, which increased the creaminess, so I ate all the foam to get an accurate measurement. This was the least creamy of the hot cocoas, and the least sweet, but I felt that this brought out the chocolate flavor more, which is the most important scale for me. This was the most expensive at $3.25, but 8 oz. should have the same taste quality and is cheaper.  First place!



Creaminess: 8

Chocolaty-ness: 7

Sweetness: 7

Notes: This cocoa was the creamiest and the second sweetest, and had a very reasonable price at an even $3. It reminded me of Swiss Mist packet cocoa that was creamier. I liked it, but it wasn’t as well balanced as the Jewett cocoa, a close second place.



Creaminess: 7

Chocolaty-ness: 5

Sweetness: 10

Notes:  While creamier than Jewett café’s cocoa, it was at the “too sweet to drink” level. I tried a day later to finish this and I couldn’t bring myself to get more than 3 sips in.  Although it was $2.99, and therefore the cheapest, the extra hot cocoa every 299 orders is not worth it. I think the sweetness would become unbearable by the 300th cup. Because there is only a one cent price difference between Reid and Cleveland I think Cleveland is strictly better. If you like sweetness Reid is the café for you.

I hope you found this blog helpful, and if you would like to hear more about the best drinks on campus be sure to give some feedback! 

P.S. Always get whipped cream on top and bring reusable containers!


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