Whitman Slang

“Yo docboy, what’s happening?”

“I was at teak last night, and I met a chiller from Andy.”

“Were they a fratagonian? I know you like crunchy people, and Andy can get granola.”

“I guess they were a little patagucci, but definitely chiller. I definitely want to go ‘mock with them some time.”

“Full send! Do you know what sec they were in?”

“No, but I could always use creeple.” 

“True. Are you up for a game of frolf?”

“No, I’m going to head to the libes, and then I have some stuff to take care of in Mem.”

“That’s a big mood. I’d rather yak than go to Mem. See you around!”

If only half of that dialogue made sense it’s because it was comprised mostly of slang found at Whitman. Coming to Whitman on your first day might be a little confusing, as upperclass students use terms that you may have never heard. Within the week of orientation students are told the nicknames for all the buildings on campus, the fraternities and sororities, and the different sections within residence halls. People from across the country also bring some of their own slang terms with them, that then become part of the terminology of Whitman.

It has been a real pleasure learning some of the more Whitman specific slang terms in writing this piece. From asking a couple seniors what slang they knew I was told the term bangbang-chicken, which was served in the dining halls before Cleveland. They went off on stories of weekend brunch, eating copious amounts of hashbrowns, and some of their other favorite dishes from the glory days. 

If you would like to translate the first passage here is a list of slang terms to know for when you visit Whitman.

Andy- Anderson Hall.

Bangbang chicken- From the times when Whitman had more dining halls, a peanut and chicken dish.

Bump/bump that- To agree with something, or to move something up in an email list.

Chiller- A cool or chill person.

Cruchy/granola- outdoorsy, arcteryx and chacos wearing, farmers market going people.

Creeple- The search bar in my.whitman.edu because it brings up names and a picture of people as well as their contact information.

Cleve- Cleveland Dining Hall.

Docboy- Nickname.

Full send- Originally a climbing term, it has been appropriated by students to mean “go for it”.

FROLF- Frisbee golf.

Fratagonian- Outdoorsy frat boys.

Libes- Penrose Library.

Mem- Memorial Building.

‘Mock- hammock, or to sit in a hammock.

Patagucci- Wearing patagonia in place of gucci as a symbol of expensive clothes and status.

Sec- Section.

Sig- The nickname of the Sigma Delta Phi fraternity.

Teak (T.K.E.)- Pronounced “teak” this is the nickname of the Tao Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

The Tower- Another name for the E section of Lyman House.

Yak-To vomit.

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