The Student Engagement Center

The Student Engagement Center (SEC) is located on the second floor of the Reid Campus Center. It is a wonderful resource that offers so much assistance in regard to internship and job opportunities. Even though it may give the impression of only being an aid available for juniors or seniors, the SEC offers an array of resources. For example, they assist in resumé and cover letter review (or even help you start from scratch if you know nothing about either one of those!). 

My first visit to the SEC was to learn more about the Whitman Internship Grant (WIG) which is an exciting opportunity to get paid by Whitman to participate in an unpaid internship. My second trip to the SEC was to get my cover letter started for a summer internship opportunity I am interested in. I know the basics of a resumé, but have never written a cover letter before. Victoria Wolff in the SEC was so helpful in assisting me with the basics but also ensuring that I have plenty of time to get my cover letter reviewed. 

On top of the many opportunities the SEC offers for first-years, their staff is super welcoming. You would expect that talking to staff about such important things would be intimidating, but I found the staff very easy to talk to. I appreciate how much they care about my success – it is evident in their work and one-on-one attention they give. I plan on making more trips to the SEC before the school year is over and I am incredibly excited to grow my skill set because of them. 


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