What to do over Thanksgiving Break at Whitman?

I wasn’t able to go home over Thanksgiving break, so I spent the time here in Walla Walla. I wasn’t worried, because I knew that I could do homework and hang out at school. However, that routine gets boring pretty quick, so here are some of the things that I did to avoid being alone on campus over break.
  1. I learned that many more people actually were staying over break than I had expected, so campus wasn’t as deserted as I thought. Most of the people that stayed weren’t people I was close to, but when there are only 4 people in Cleveland for breakfast, you end up chatting with them and making friends!
  2. Whitman President Kathy Murray, had a Thanksgiving dinner here on campus, so I didn’t miss out on Thanksgiving foods.
  3. Some stores in town have Black Friday Sales, which is super helpful, and because Walla Walla is a small town there are no crowds in the stores.
  4. I deep cleaned my room and organized my closet (by color, and in the Marie Kondo way), which is something that I’ve been wanting to do but didn’t have the time before.
  5. The weather was pretty cold, so snuggling up and watching movies was perfect. and as break is 7 days, it’s the perfect time for a free trial of a streaming service!
  6. On the last day of break, it snowed, which turned the entire campus into a winter wonderland for the first day of December, and it was a magical day before the snow turned to ice back again.
Overall, the break was very low key, but it’s a nice break from academia and Walla Walla is beautiful as it fades from fall into winter.
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