First Snow

The first time I experienced snow in my life was in the third grade. And it was not true snow. It melted immediately in your hands, but magical nonetheless. Coming to Whitman, I was so excited to experience real snow, the kind that sticks. So when I saw the snow on my weather app, I was so pumped. When I woke up to snow falling, I was baffled. “It is actually happening,” I told myself.

What struck me as even more shocking is that the snow did not immediately melt the next day. It was incredibly fun to walk around in the snow with my other Texas friend. We took pictures in the snow, watched the ducks swim around in the river and waddle across the snow leaving their footprints behind. Though it was a unique experience for me, I heard others call this an “ugly snow” and that it was not nice for the first one of the season. 

With that, I realize that the beautiful day I had feeling the soft snow and hearing it crunch under my boots is not even the best of what is to come. I’ll forever cherish the Walla Walla snow. No matter how wet Ankeney field gets when the snow melts and no matter how painful my fingers become in the cold weather. To everyone here in Walla Walla, happy first snow! And to prospective Whitman students, I hope you enjoy the first snow of your first Whitman winter as much as I did. 

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