Penrose Library

Penrose Library is probably one of the best places on campus as it is the epitome of don’t judge a book by its cover. Although it may appear as just a library at face value, Penrose is much more.

Aside from the vast collection of textbooks, novels, and  other pieces of literature to aid in all of your literary collegiate endeavors, Penrose is home to various resources that give Whitman students the opportunity to engage with their environment in more ways than one. Here are 5 features that I think makes Penrose extra special.

  1. Games!
    1.  Penrose has a wide variety of games and puzzles available for check out for a fun and relaxing Friday night with friends. The Library also has resources on their website like access to Canopy which allows students to stream movies.
  2. Access to different spaces.
    1. Though the library has a variety of different spaces for group work and areas available to sit and study with friends, Penrose also has different types of quiet spaces. You can check out study rooms by the hour, there are designated quiet spaces, and even independent desks with computers for those who need it.
  3. Bikes! Yes, Bikes.
    1. The bike share program is new to Penrose Library, but has been received very well throughout campus. Any Whitman students with their ID can check out a bike for 24 hours. This has been an amazing addition that many students have benefited from as it promotes activity and engagement with the environment.
  4. Archives
    1. Whitman has a lot of history, and a lot of it is preserved and accessible through the archives located on the bottom floor of the library. The archives are home to some of Whitman’s most memorable moments and earliest editions of the newspaper.
  5. Classes and research
    1. The library is also home to countless resources for students. There are people on the main floor designated to help students with research for papers and even classes that teach students how to research efficiently. Classes the library offers include opportunities to delve further into library sciences for those who aim to major in the field.

The Penrose Library has so many attributes that make it extremely unique and a centrally appreciated part of the Whitman college campus. 


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