Top Chai Latte at Whitman College

A study by Llewyn Merrill


The purpose of this experiment is to determine the best chai at Whitman College. 


The best chai at Whitman will be located at Jewett Café due to their exclusive chai blend.


One Hhydroflask thermos
3 mugsOne mug
Three Whitman College Cafés
26 oz. chai tea, with almond milk
A small amount of water

1. Go to Jewett Café and order a 12 oz. chai latte with almond milk in a mug.. 

  1. Drink it and rate from one to ten on scales of sweetness, foam level, and spice level. Record data.
  2. Repeat steps 1 and 2, replacing Jewett Café for the Cleveland Café and Reid marketGo to Cleveland and order a 12 oz. chai latte with almond milk. Put in Hydroflask thermos and go to Reid Market
  3. Order a chai latte at Reid Market. Put in second mug.
  4. Add chai latte from Cleveland to third mug and compare the chai side by side, drinking water in between switching lattes to ensure a clear palette. Record data for final two chai lattes.
  5. Add up the scores of sweetness, foam level, and spice level to find the chai with the highest overall score. 


Café Volume Spice Level




Foam Level


Cumulative Score
Jewett Café 12 oz.  9 8 4 21
Reid Market <12 oz. 7 4 8 19
Cleveland Café 12 oz. 6 9 5 20


Modified Procedure:

Chai at Jewett was ordered in the Hydroflask and then poured into a mug. The mug was then washed. The Hydroflask was filled with water and rinsed. 


Based on cumulative score Jewett Café has the best chai latte with almond milk. It was the spiciest latte and the second sweetest which gave it the amount of points needed to beat the Cleveland Café blend. The high levels of turmeric in the Jewett blend make it have, by far, the highest spice level chai at Whitman College. Some potential mistakes that were made in the running of this experiment was the amount of time in between drinking the Jewett latte and the other two, 7 hours difference. All chai was drinken hot, so that was not a variable factor. Foaminess of Jewett and Cleveland lattes were also affected by being put into a thermos and transported to a new location before being poured into another drinking receptacle. The foam either dissipated or got caught in the Hydroflask.
Future experiments should find new ways of assigning points to the chai, for while Jewett got the most points, I found I liked less spice than was present in the Jewett blend. If this were a purely emotional rating I would choose Cleveland Café with the best chai latte on campus. I also talked with top chai expert Kaitlynne Jensen, who said “I know the most about chai of anyone on campus, chai is my life.” According to her, both Cleveland and Reid use the same blend of chai, Oregon chai, which can be found at your local grocery store. The only difference is in the preparation, which means depending on day and barista a chai from the same location could taste completely different.
For a following experiment I would like to find the best chai on Whitman according to the students, or the best barista to get lattes from at Cleveland.

Thank you for reading! Have a great week!


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