Creative Outlets

Calling all poets, artists, photographers! Whitman has a plethora of outlets for your work, and trust me when I say that the audiences will appreciate your talent. On campus there are multiple ways to express yourself in an artistic way and make a meaningful impact on campus at the same time. 

#1: Blue Moon Literary Magazine

Blue Moon is Whitman’s annual literary magazine that chooses pieces of art, poetry, and digital media for all to see. It has contributions from all of the Whitman community and is made by Whitman students who are passionate about maintaining a student platform for the arts. I am extremely biased as a member of the digital media staff, but Blue Moon is a pretty amazing opportunity to share your voice!

#2: Quarterlife

Quarterlife is another literary magazine but they release their published magazines quarterly (hence the name!). Their magazines are themed and some examples include “Quarterlife is bugged out!” “Quarterlife is underground!” “Quarterlife is for the kids!”. Their cover and design are all made by the staff at Quarterlife so not only is submitting to them a great opportunity but joining their staff is a great opportunity. 

#3: KWCW

KWCW is an opportunity to have your own radio show! I have had many classmates with their own radio show. It is a great opportunity to show what kind of music you listen to, to talk about current events with your audience, or honestly anything that is on your mind! KWCW is an amazing platform for students to take advantage of – an hour of sharing yourself with anyone who tunes in!

With this list, I encourage you to take advantage of these platforms that come to mind. Your voice matters, and maybe you are thinking “no one wants to hear or see what I have to say” but someone does, trust me! Do not be afraid to take up space when you undoubtedly deserve it. I’m personally excited to see what you are going to put out there!


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