Sunshine at Whitman

Coming from LA, one of the biggest adjustments that I have had to make here probably has to be that to the weather. I had lived in mostly 60-100 degree weather under sunshine and drought for 15 years and then I came to Whitman.

That being said, the varying weather is one of the reasons I love Whitman. The transition from summer to fall was absolutely beautiful. From the trees changing to varying tints of bright red, orange, and yellow to the temperature turning so pleasant to the point of not even wanting to go inside. Though winter progressing has made things a little darker, it is definitely making me appreciate the sunshine more. Walla Walla has its fair share of rain, snow, and clouds, but these dark days get broken with a few surprising bits of sunshine.

The best part about the sun here is when it sets. Though sunsets are always pretty regardless of where you are, there’s something about the red buildings, abundance of trees, and architecture on campus that makes the whole world seem pink, golden, and cinematic.

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