Staying Connected at Whitman

At the beginning of Spring Break, and the end of my time at Whitman for this semester, I felt a certain despondence. It was really hard to leave everyone knowing I would have to leave behind conversations with my friends, movie nights with my residence hall, and tea time with my section. I am happy to say that none of these things are gone!

As I was leaving Whitman my friends got together on apps like Snapchat and Discord. I have spoken to all my friends at least once a week, and not a day has gone by where I haven’t talked to somebody I met at Whitman. Texting and video calls have made the distance more bearable. I’ve even been challenged to a long-distance macaron bake-off, to be concluded upon the first day me and my friend meet in person. By the end of quarantine, I should be a macaron master. But this is old hat, of course, friends are keeping in touch, but what about those movie nights, what about study breaks, tea time? Those are also being maintained through the wonders of technology.

Yesterday there was a virtual tea time, where the attendees all made tea at home if they wanted and chatted about how they were doing. I look forward to attending them in the future. As for the movies, tonight there is the first Netflix party group viewing, a showing of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Study breaks have also continued with surprising regularity, from email chains asking for “bad drawings”, and good news emails with memes, comics, or positive videos. It warms my heart that the RA’s and RD of Lyman are making such an effort to keep us connected, and hopefully, it warms yours. It’s more important than ever before. 

If anybody thinking about attending Whitman is reading this, and you have the option, I highly recommend Lyman House as the place to stay during your first year! 


And now, a picture of my blooming cherry tree.



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