This time last year blog post

I just got off of a Zoom call with a prospective debater who is in the process of making¬†her college decision and I couldn’t help but be transported back to just about a year ago when I was in her shoes. I remember being scared and overwhelmed but also excited and grateful for the opportunities ahead of me.

Some of the things I was contemplating when I was making my decision had to do with what I knew I needed. I needed the next four years of my life had to foster my growth, challenge me while not bogging me down, and offer the resources I needed to succeed. While I didn’t fully realize it at the time, Whitman did and still does all of that. I don’t have a single regret picking Whitman. If I could go back and tell myself why, I’d tell myself that while there have been plenty of hurdles that have really pushed me out of my comfort zone through my first year, all of them have served to teach and mature me. This learning process I experienced while facing these hurdles would not have occurred if Whitman didn’t provide me with so many support systems. Going through difficult times has proven that I have so many people here to talk to me, advise me, and truly hear me. From my debate coaches and team to the counseling center, my professors, the administration, and of course my friends, have all been around to push me and be there for me. While these difficult times have been a source of growth for me, so have the good times. Through my experiences here, I’ve learned what I like, what’s important to me, that volleyball is a great outlet and you can learn any sport if you play it every day for hours. While any college experience is bound to be a learning experience, I firmly believe that choosing Whitman taught me so much more than any of my other choices would have.


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