Welcome Class of 2024! 

Since decision day just passed, I would like to personally congratulate and welcome the class of 2024! Given the obvious pandemic, I think it is very special that students are choosing Whitman as their school. Especially many students who were not given the opportunity to visit the campus during the spring — this is a pretty big deal! Ankeny field and the ducks await you!

Things are uncertain at this time as the decisions of the government are highly unpredictable, parallel to the uncertainty of the pandemic. In other words, who knows what Whitman will be like in the coming fall and spring? But what I can say for certain is that no matter what format I am a Whitman student (in-person or online), the education I am receiving continues to be high quality. Professors and other resources on campus continue to make themselves available through a remote setting. There are some aspects of Whitman that I admittedly miss: the ducks, Walla Walla sun, the stream, and even the sound of students joyously playing sports on Ankeny. Nevertheless, the amount of support I’ve received at Whitman has continued. 

As of now, Whitman is expecting to resume in-person learning unless instructed otherwise by the state or national government. Things may be different. Perhaps wearing masks, using bigger classrooms, and remaining distant will continue. What I want to assure you of is that Whitman and its community are present no matter where you are. I urge you to reach out to other incoming Whitties, current Whitties, and existing programs/resources on campus. Once their information has arrived, reach out to your SA and your RA. Establish a community no matter the circumstance. Remember that you are not alone and that there is an entire community waiting to welcome you and excited to watch you succeed. 

Best wishes, and of course welcome to Whitman!

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