Festival of Lights

Being a domestic international student is an interesting experience, as it puts me in a strange middle ground between the American and South Asian cultures. However, this middle ground also requires quite a bit of compromise when it comes to celebrating certain holidays – for example, the Festival of lights, which the South Asian Student […]

Graduating Early

For most undergraduate college students, a typical bachelor’s degree takes four years to complete. Within this timeframe, students can take core classes, decide their major, and dabble in classes that are irrelevant to their main study while also being involved in extracurriculars and work. However, with options like AP/IB scores, Running Start, and dual-credit– in […]

Day in the Life

Classes are important in college, but for a majority of students, our actual class time usually consists one, two, maybe three hours of the day. For prospective students who are still in high school, this may sound like a blessing. However, college life is not nearly that easy or straightforward— besides classes, our days are […]

Spending Your Time Wisely

Now that the semester is over half-way through, students seem to be finding themselves flooded with midterms, papers, and projects for classes that are doubling their pace as the end of the school year nears. These next five weeks of classes (not including Finals Week) will play an integral role in how your grade turns […]