(Early) Decision Time

Application season is in full swing here at Whitman College, and at schools around the country. In the stretch between the beginning of October and up through now, the tide of incoming applications has been ever increasing, with more submissions coming in each week than the last. Earlier this week, we passed our December 1st […]

On the Road (Again)!

It’s officially that time of year. Admission Officers from colleges and universities all around the country are packing bags, shipping boxes of materials, booking airplanes, rental cars, reserving hotel rooms, contacting high school counselors, and in a final flurry of “Farewell,” “See you in a month,” and “Have a good trip!” are hitting the road. […]

New Beginnings

Innovation can be a difficult thing, particularly when it pertains to something cyclical in nature. Introducing new ways to address content, figuring out interesting ways to tell old stories, and doing all of this while addressing a particular need or interest is nothing if not complicated. At each step in the process you have to […]