Arriving at Whitman: How to be an incoming first year student

Move In Day is filled with excitement, anxiety, and logistical nightmares. For all you incoming students, here are some pro tips about moving in: Do… Wear comfortable shoes Label your boxes Unpack the most important things first, then decorate Bring water. Walla Walla can be over one hundred degrees in August Bring someone to help […]

Why I Love My Major

I am an obnoxiously proud Rhetoric major. Though most ask me “what is rhetoric?”, I am not fazed by their confusion. To answer simply, I study how language is used as a tool. To answer with all the nuance I have come to love, rhetoric is symbolic action. Language shapes how we interact in our […]

Visit Planning for Juniors

  Junior year of high school career often feels like a blur. There’s a huge academic leap from sophomore year to junior year. Social freedoms like jobs and cars open new opportunities. Students begin to assume leadership roles in the extra curricular activities they are involved in. Perhaps most daunting, the college process begins. For […]