Saying Goodbye

This last week the COVID-19 virus has changed many things. Social distancing is being practiced, school is canceled or moving online, travel plans have been changed, stores have been cleaned out across the United States. Although we have been lucky not to have any cases on campus, and only a single one at the Walla […]

Fall Highlights

Even though fall technically lasts until the 21st of December, I am writing my fall highlights blog now. As soon as Thanksgiving ends it is the Holiday Season, and I can’t think of carols and candy canes and latkes as fall specialties. It’s hard enough trying to keep Christmas tunes out of my life until […]

Jazz Concert

This Thursday, November 21st, I went to the jazz concert in the beautiful Chism Recital Hall. The performance featured the creatively named Jazz Band 1 and Jazz Band 2 of Whitman college. While the names might be lacking in inspiration, the musicians certainly aren’t. The night was full of marvelous music, swinging solos, and disgusting […]

Freedom Songs

On November 8th and 9th Whitman held the annual Freedom Songs event. Every year the students put on this event to help the audience and performers to reflect on the societies we live in, while presenting music, dance, and poetry from underrepresented artists and students.  The lobby was packed as I walked in the door […]

Whitman Slang

“Yo docboy, what’s happening?” “I was at teak last night, and I met a chiller from Andy.” “Were they a fratagonian? I know you like crunchy people, and Andy can get granola.” “I guess they were a little patagucci, but definitely chiller. I definitely want to go ‘mock with them some time.” “Full send! Do […]