Housing at Whitman

Finding a good housing situation is important when you decide to attend a college. After all, school is your new home away from home, and a dorm, apartment, or house that fits your routine goes a long way towards academic success. Whitman offers lots of options for student housing. Students here live on campus for […]

Life Sciences at Whitman

Many students choose to study the life sciences in college. There are many reasons to follow this path; understanding the basis of life and the principles central to body function have numerous applications both inside and outside the academic sphere. Having a knowledge of the life sciences is important to general health and well-being, and […]

Family Weekend at Whitman

For me, Family Weekend goes a little something like this: Friday: 4:37 PM: First thoughts of cleaning the room enter my mind. 5:43 PM: Frantically folding clean laundry and putting away clothes, arranging furniture, straightening blankets, and vacuuming the floor because they’re 15 minutes out! 6:02 PM: My family shows up, and wants to check […]

Deeper Water

Syracuse or Whitman? I had procrastinated the decision for as long as I could, but with a month left before I graduated high school, it was time to take the plunge. Whitman was the comfortable option, but Syracuse was the adventurous, out-there choice. I visited Syracuse, but honestly didn’t know much about either school. I […]