Three’s a Crowd

Coming to Whitman, I of course expected to have small class sizes, with Whitman being a small Liberal Arts school. What I did not expect, however, was that I’d walk into my Latin class on the first day to find myself in a class with a grand enrollment of two. And, yes, one of the […]

My Little Friend

Do you ever get tired of hanging out with your friends? Yeah, me too. I mean come on, I can only fake laugh at their jokes for so long. Just kidding, I actually really do love my friends’ cringey jokes. However, constantly hanging out with people your same age, which tends to happen at college, […]

My First Whittie Family

I’ve only been at Whitman for five weeks and I’ve already seen 23 shooting stars, thrown jellyfish at my friends, screamed at an army of raccoons, eaten disgustingly delicious ramen-potato soup, and gone eight consecutive days without showering. Yay for college! Alright, I won’t scare you. I did these things because I went on a […]