Mentees to Campus Day

Coming into Whitman fresh off of a SCORE (a weeklong pre-orientation adventure centered on community service in Walla Walla – recently decided 2022 Whitties, be sure to check it out!), I was itching to get involved in one of Whitman’s community service programs right away. I tried my hand at several programs my first year, […]

Welcome to My Village

It takes a village to… do a lot of things, actually. It takes a village to raise a child, sure. We’ve all heard that a million times. It also takes a village to graduate from high school, even though I know I wasn’t as cognizant of that when I was there. At Whitman, though, it’s […]

Exercising at Whitman

With the stress of midterms and hurrying to tie up loose ends before spring break, it’s tempting to cut back on my “me time” to dig into the papers and tests that await me. Regardless of the length of my to-do list, though, I quickly find that I can’t pour from an empty glass. We […]