5 tips to survive finals

It is almost the end of 2018 spring semester and students are taking finals.  Although everyone took finals before, whether in high school or in former years of colleges, finals still stress students out. Here are 5 tips I have for every single student! Support yourself and your friends with encouragement. Tell yourself “I can […]

Whitman College: One of the most BEAUTIFUL Colleges in America

“Carnival” was created in 1997 by Jim dine. This picture is a comparison of the same Carnival in Winter and Spring. New coming students should remember this statue since all of you will learn “Carnival” in your Encounters’ course!   This is a photo of Ankeny Field. Students enjoy sunshine and play sports during their […]

“Continue to Resist!”

As a Whitman student, you should know Power and Privilege Symposium, an all campus event in February, consisting of a compelling keynote on the night of day one and many options of workshops during the day of day two. Our theme for the 6th annual P&P is “Resist!”. But how to interpret this term? No […]